Commercial Fleet has the largest controlled subscription circulation of 17,416 senior commercial fleet decision makers receiving it on a monthly basis.

Commercial Fleet provides engaging content designed to assist with the effective, efficient and safe running of a Commercial Fleet. It consistently offers up to date news, best practice advice and information.

Commercial Fleet is produced 12 times each year.

Why choose Commercial Fleet?

The readership does consist of decision-makers running fleets of at least five vehicles, from light commercials to heavy rigid body trucks. Job functions will range from transport managers to traffic office to engineering teams.

Commercial Fleet is designed to increase the level of insight, analysis and advice to help companies run more effective and efficient van fleets. It also provides an environment for fleet van managers to share best practice, engage and learn.

Our audience

Targeted at Decision Makers responsible for decisions relating to the acquisition and control of 5+ LCVs and lorries below 28 tonnes.

The print product goes to 15,032 Van decision makers
An additional 2,384 Van decision makers receive the digital magazine
Our total circulation of Van decision makers is 17,416
Our circulation run approximately 719,000 vans and trucks


Although we are increasing our focus on trucks, vans will still be at the heart of our insight and analysis in Commercial Fleet. However, we will be able to better share best practice among the operators of heavier vehicles, while cascading their knowledge to those running smaller vans.

Editorial content includes:

  • Compliance / Network Update
  • Safety - vehicle technology and Driving aids
  • Security / Telematics
  • Tyre Management
  • Fuel
  • Recovery / Funding

Stephen Briers,
Fleet News