Round Table

Fleet News roundtables provide an opportunity for you to engage with key fleet decision-makers to discuss some of the major issues surrounding the current fleet market and allow you to gain valuable insight and practical guidance on those issues. They also provide you with an opportunity to put your business on the agenda.

The roundtables allow fleet managers to pool their knowledge and experience, sharing best practice ideas. As a sponsor you will be recognised as a thought leader, achieving identity alongside Fleet News in developing leading-edge knowledge and creating material for research, marketing, PR and internal knowledge.

A Q&A session puts you in contact with decision-makers from some of the UKs biggest fleets. Attending will be 8-12 fleet managers, the editor of Fleet News (or an editorial representative) and two sponsor representatives. Fleet News will report on the discussion.

Suggested topics for the year ahead will be published soon

Motivations for involvement

Launch activity new product or service

Public relations

Research test products, focus groups

Networking and branding opportunity

Brand association & partnership with Fleet News

Joint facilitator and thought leader

If you would like to partner Fleet News in our next Round Table, why not give us a call to discuss how we can work together.

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