About Fleet Leasing

What is it?

Fleet Leasing is a brand new addition to the Fleet News portfolio created to inform and educate leasing companies about the latest fleet trends, new models and technological developments by providing them with insight and analysis. Our aim is to provide an environment for leasing company senior personnel to share best practise, engage and learn.


Aimed at board members and senior management Fleet Leasing is distributed to 2000 individuals within FN50 Leasing Companies 4 x per annum.

Why Advertise?

The FN50 acquire more than 4bn of new vehicles each year and account for the majority of registrations of company cars on behalf of fleet clients. They also play an increasingly influential role in designing and developing end-user fleet choice lists and influence where more than one million leased vehicles will be serviced each year.

  • Position your company as a Thought Leader to this influential audience
  • Distribution to key contacts within FN50 leasing companies
  • Provides targeted advertising environment

2016 Issue Dates

4 Feb

28 Apr

21 Jul

27 Oct