Why choose Fleet News?

Fleet News is the UKs leading brand communicating with fleet decision makers through a multitude of platforms. As a requested for publication, we ensure our audience is of the highest level. Fleet News is the only title in the industry specifically targeted at senior management within Fleet. Decision makers across the industry use Fleet News print, digital and events for insight, bench marking, networking and industry news to help run their fleets effectively, improving profit and reducing costs.

No other media brand can offer you access to such an influential audience of industry decision-makers. The fleet managers, fleet operators, buyers, financial directors and HR professionals who make up the Fleet News audience are the people you need to reach to grow your business.

Our account management team will provide our partners with a cross platform approach to marketing to the industry, using our expert knowledge and past experience to drive return on your investment with Fleet News. We believe strongly in a consultative approach and a long term relationship with all the companies we work with. By understanding what you are trying to achieve and the issues you may face, we can provide effective marketing solutions.

We also enjoy full support from Bauer Media, and benefit from the resources available from being part of an international media company.

Why not arrange for one of our team to come and visit you at your premises, to discuss the ways we could work together.

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